Couples Can Reconnect During B&B Stay

Enjoy the company of your loved one at a B&B. It is natural for couples to become very comfortable with each other and reconnect when they plan a Bed and Breakfast getaway. Yet that doesn’t have to mean the two must focus on romance the entire stay — this too can be draining to a relationship.

Most quality B&B are very romantic in nature and the innkeepers usually enjoy catering to their guests.  At the typical bed and breakfast inn both you and your mate will get plenty of personal attention. You will also get that time alone that you have been craving. If you have jobs and children then you know that rarely happens. For most of us, we often use down time to catch a couple of hours of sleep before we start a new day. A bed & breakfast getaway can be the perfect solution.

These days just about every household has a home computer.  If you happen to be someone that has not yet jumped onto the Internet’s Superhighway, go to the local library so you can explore your options together. Decide where you would like to go and how much you are able to afford. You certainly don’t want to be worried about your finances while you are enjoying some time away. If you are tight on cash then plan to visit a B&B during the week when the prices are usually a little lower.

To help you save even more money, look for coupons or package deals online as well.  It is common for bed & breakfasts to be full on the weekends. Yet they often have empty rooms during the week so they offer a discount to entice people to fill them up. It is a business strategy you can easily use to your advantage.

You can also find great pictures online so you know exactly what your money will be buying you. This eliminates the risk of you showing up and the room not being what you thought it would be. That could really put a damper on this nice romantic time you are planning for each other. If you have a certain look or theme in mind then type that into the search engines to help you narrow down the possibilities.

If you need something in addition such as you want a certain bottle of wine or an arrangement of flowers in the room when you arrive contact them directly. Most of the bed & breakfast businesses owners are very willing to do these types of favors for you. If you call one and they don’t do these type of special favors, then consider staying at one that will. Of course you can’t leave such requests for the last minute and then expect them to do it so plan ahead.

There are many great reasons why you may want to spend some time with the one you love. It may be your anniversary or to celebrate a special time in your lives. However, you don’t need to have anything in particular going on to decide to get away like this. Be spontaneous and show each other you are still valued and very special to each other even with all the other commitments that have taken place in your lives.

Take some time to really nurture yourself and your partner by getting away. Booking a stay at a great bed & breakfast can help you get connected again in a way that you haven’t for some time. Get away from your daily responsibilities and really focus on each other. You will find that everything else is still there waiting when you return. Yet these short get always can do wonders for your mood and for your relationship.

Practically every state bed and breakfast association has a website these days.  Most are filled with photos and interesting facts about the member inns.  The Iowa Bed & Breakfast Innkeepers Association even has a special travel links page where visitors can find links to just about every other state association in the USA, here is a link to that page:

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