Adding TripAdvisor Traveler Reviews to Your Facebook Business Page

Innkeepers have their hands full pampering and taking care of their guests’ needs — especially during the peak months when tourism in their area of the country is at it’s highest point.  So, taking the time to learn how to use any type of new technology is usually out of the question.

TripAdvisor to the rescue.  The Tech staff at TripAdvisor has put together an easy to follow guide so even the busiest innkeeper can have their guest reviews automatically flow from the TripAdvisor website on to their business page on Facebook.

Just print out the document first.  Then, slowly follow the step-by-step instructions, knowing that it may be necessary to re-read a few sentences or look-up a couple of words that are new to you.  (Wikipedia is recommended for the task.)

Here is the link to the instructions:


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