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This week I am working on expanding my presence on as I believe it to be one of the top internet social networking tools.

As a member of LinkedIn, I have found a number of public and private groups to join (and LinkedIn allows you to join up to fifty!). Having said that, let me also say that being active in 3-5 groups at a time will keep you very busy.  I tend to be very active in one or two groups at a time. The others I am monitoring to see if I feel I’d have something valuable to add to the community.  Groups let you:

* Reach individuals with similar interests
*Answer questions from experts in a specific field
*Network with others

For me, LinkedIn is all about business.  I share my current projects and accomplishments, I keep my resume up-to-date in my profile, and when I have the extra time, I search for and add business connections I enjoyed in the past, but would like to reconnect with now.  Best of all, LinkedIn is an online community that supports and encourages new businesses, new authors, new artists — new entrepreneurs of all types and all ages.

Stop by and visit me on LinkedIn any time!

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