Working with innkeeper at the Bed & Breakfast of Cabin Cove this week

I met Shirley about 6 years ago at the Iowa Bed and Breakfast Innkeepers Association’s annual conference held in Ames, Iowa.  This year, she celebrates her 80th birthday and continues to enjoy her role as a successful innkeeper.

I was amazed when I initially met her.  She boldly walked up to me, as I was greeting the attendees of my first workshop of the conference, and introduced herself.  She let me know quickly that she was brand new and that most her friends thought she was crazy to attempt the undertaking and learning curve to become an innkeeper, but she wanted me to know that she was ready for the challenge and would appreciate all the tips I could give her.

Her age and lack of experience with the Internet was against her, but she had no intention of letting either stop her from achieving her goal to operate a bed and breakfast at her two-bedroom cabin overlooking the Iowa River in Iowa Falls, Iowa.

This last week has been enjoyable as I’ve once again working with Shirley to edit and upgrade her existing website.  We had a fun conversation to jump-start the project. We shared news and caught-up each other up with changes in each of our respective lives.  She remains upbeat and busy booking her B&B as far out as the 4th of July week of 2014.  And, it was simply thrilling to chat with a very internet savvy innkeeper that once sat in one of my beginning classes with an extreme desire to learn exactly how to use the web to market her very unique cabin!

Shirley and I both invite you to visiting the new integrated section of her website that is powered by WordPress. 
Just click here. Bed and Breakfast of Cabin Cove

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