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Organic Container Gardening for All
Phantom: Queen of the Road
Discover Oahu: A Pictorial Guide to a Tropical Island Paradise
Discover Iowa: Cooking With Iowa Wines, Meats and Other Iowa Products
Opening and Operating a Bed & Breakfast in the 21st Century
Surviving College

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 Raised by parents with an entrepreneurial spirit, Painter learned about business at an early age. She and her two siblings had on-going chores in the family businesses. Painter excelled in office activities, which ultimately set the pace for most of her life.

A passion for the arts began early in life, but her love of the written word, photography and gardening emerged shortly after giving birth to her first child. Once she became a parent her passion for writing, photography and gardening grew as quickly as her three children.

Painter began designing websites in 1995 when she assisted in creating the first website of MiraCosta College in Oceanside, CA.  In October of 2004 she started her own web design firm,, specializing in creating hospitality sites. Painter has consulted widely with management teams across North America on the topics of marketing, sales and the strategic impact of the Internet. In 2005 Painter accepted a position as a staff writer for the consumer magazine “Bed & Breakfast America.”  Later her writing expanded to include not only hospitality and cooking, but also pets and gardening. Many of her books can be purchased on

In 2013, Painter moved her company to the Phoenix, Arizona, area and then in 2015 changed the name from to Amelia Painter Press as she wanted to focus more assisting new authors and begin investing in small business enterprises in need of her marketing expertise.

In late 2016, Painter joined a long-term friend and invested in a company specializing in the creation of upscale cremation jewelry — from human and pet ashes — that is created using a new process that encases ashes into molten glass. Within a matter of months the company’s online sales soared via the digital marketing efforts of Amelia Painter. To learn more about this firm and its products visit their website at:

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