Diana Lovejoy


Diana Lovejoy

Organic Container Gardening for All: From Kids to Seniors, Anyone Can Grow Herbs and Veggies in Containers


Diana Lovejoy was born in Hawaii and her first organic garden was in Honolulu at her family’s fruit tree surrounded home, learning to crawl among the fresh tropical foods. After moving to California as a child, she would walk with her grandmother to the Hollywood Health Food Store, CA, where they met famous movie muscle men and health experts. Growing a large backyard garden, she discovered the joys of gardening at a young age.

A vegetarian since a teen, she studied nutrition, yoga, and meditation. Traveling in Europe and Turkey on Occidental College History Study Tour after graduation excited her to experiment in foods of many cultures. She’s been organically growing her herbs in pots and her veggies in planter boxes for forty years. She found that they grew abundantly in containers that could provide the perfect sunlight and balanced soil. She raised three sons, making them healthy meals from veggies she grew and bought from local farmers. In Diana Lovejoy‘s life long quest for healthy living, she took graduate classes, seminars, master classes, and workshops at colleges and universities. Owning a health food store, it was a natural progression to search for organic labels on products. Today, her sons are great vegetarian cooks for their families, growing their own organic veggies in the backyard. Her passion is to uplift, enlighten, and entertain, making the world a healthier place by inspiring kids to seniors to grow an organic veggie garden and learn to cook.

Lovejoy blogs daily and is working on her second book, Cooking Magic for Kids, a life changing recipe for health and happiness from garden to table to inspire a generation of kids to eat more fresh fruits and veggies.

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Lovejoy has a long history in Hollywood, as you can see from her credits below:

Head Writer Center for Spiritual Living, Television Program titled “INSIGHTS”
· Wrote 60 TV scripts for half-hour weekly inspirational television show
· Oversaw training of junior staff and interns
· Consulted with content experts on any proposed script change

Writer & Producer Time Warner Cable,  Saddleback College TV Studio
· Wrote and produced 5 original half-hour TV dramas
· Wrote and produced Community Outreach Weekly TV Program titled “Local Artists and their Art” for two years
· Scheduled and ran all production meetings

Writer & Producer Time Warner Cable,  Original TV Dramas
· Wrote and produced 5 original half-hour TV dramas

1966 Communications, B.A.,  Occidental College, Eagle Rock, CA
1999-2002 Advanced Screenwriting,  American Film Institute, Los Angeles, CA



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