Book Covers


brochures0We offer high-end custom book cover design services to publishing companies as well as self-publishing authors. We begin with a detailed brainstorming discussion, even if you are still visualizing the creative possibilities (1-2 hours).  Our services include:

Book Cover & Interior Design
Covers: paperback, hardcover/dust-jackets or casewrap, e-Book
Interiors: design & layout of text and images

Physical & InfoProduct Packaging
CD/DVD Covers, inserts, and booklets

Branding / Corporate Collateralbook1
— Business Cards
— Stationery
— Brochures

Self Promotion/ Marketing
— Posters
— Flyers / Product Sell Sheets
— Advertisements
— Postcards



book6book2Turn Right at Lost: Recalculating America by Rick Elkin now for sale on

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