Lee Youde


Lee Youde

Phantom: Queen of the Road

Born and raised in Spencer, Iowa, Youde grew-up in an agricultural community where children had pets of all types, from small rabbits to very large bulls. Most of his classmates were 4-H members and many raised a variety of animals. Youde, however, was drawn to dogs from a young age. It was no surprise that as an adult he became a tireless volunteer dedicated to helping homeless dogs.

As an animal rights advocate and shelter dog foster parent, Lee Youde has been working with animal shelters for over 8 years and conducts regular workshops on the “Joys of Being a Foster Dog Parent.” His own adopted shelter dogs will often accompany him at lectures and workshops.

Phantom: Queen of the Road is Youde’s first book. Writing the book was a true labor of love for him. His motivation to publish the story was driven by the desire to bring public attention to the harm that is done to dogs, and other pets, that are abandoned by their owners.

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