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Turn-Right-at-Lost-Recalculating AmericaRick Elkin

Turn Right at Lost: Recalculating America

Rick Elkin is an artist, political media observer and blogger whose interest in the impact of television on society began as a college student during the height of the Vietnam War. Rick and his wife Cathy, as well as their two adult children, all reside in North San Diego County, California.

Turn Right at Lost: Recalculating America is his effort to warn fellow Americans that the vehicle of freedom, his own United States of America, is about to find itself in a ditch. The narrative proudly and loudly rings a literary “Liberty Bell” warning Americans that the collective apathy and narcissism is slowly shredding the unique American social fabric. Turn Right at Lost documents a journey of transformational moments that have formed the author’s passion for preserving our unprecedented grand social experiment. It is a realistic, sometimes humorous, but mostly a personal and pointed assessment of the place in history American parents, teachers, students, and workers will play in the future of America.  Release date: 6/22/2016.  Paperback $11.95.

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