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Turn Right at Lost: Recalculating America by Rick Elkin now for sale on Amazon.comNew author, Rick Elkin, has been working on his new book for several years. The book tells his personal journey from youthful idealism to a current state of acute concern for the future of our country and the home of our children. It explores the epidemic of narcissism and apathy so endemic to the Millennial generation, and suggests ways citizens can recalculate the future of our grand experiment in representative democracy.

Elkin became serious abut politics and his community when the World Trade Centers fell. In his mind, the whole world shifted on it’s axis that day.  He is of the opinion that America has been slow to recognize how much impact it had on our collective psyche, on our position of leadership in the world, and on the future.  Many of the pages of the book urge Americans to WAKE UP and begin to think seriously about solutions to our countries issues that grow more serious by the day. Purchase the paperback first edition online at Amazon.com.


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New book helps folks with organic container gardening

Amelia Painter and Diana Lovejoy, screen writer and documentary film producer, have joined forces to write a book on organic container gardening. The two lifelong friends reconnected at luncheon recently and began the new collaboration within a few days.

Both feel fortunate to be friends that are connected despite distance, time, lifestyle change, or family situation. This type of friendship tends to support them, preserve them and define them as people. Both women appreciate the other’s positive energy. It reinforces and motivates each of them to write a write a book that will have great value to readers.

When these two ladies are together, it is laugh fest!

When these two ladies are together, it is laugh fest

If you’d like to learn more about the upcoming book or just view great gardening tips, visit http://organiccontaintergardeningforall.com.  While on the site, be sure and subscribe so you can receive new tips, articles and notices of book signings via email.

New Book – Co-authored by Amelia Painter – Just Released

Just released and available on Amazon.com and other retail book stores.

When animal rights advocate Lee Youde asked Amelia to co-author this memoir, she realized it was slightly out of her writing genre, but after giving it great thought, she realized that it wasn’t out of her comfort zone.  Afterall, there had been any number of dogs in her life.  It wasn’t until months after saying, “yes,” that she realized how healing the project was in her own personal life.

At the beginning of the writing relationship with the owner of Phantom, her son was seriously ill battling melanoma skin cancer, and she often found it hard to concentrate, but as she worked with Lee Youde, her co-author, she began to recall memories of her son and his dog Heidi. (Heidi was a doberman pincher stray that followed her son home one day and ultimately became his closest friend, playmate and protector.)

The entire process of working on this story became a labor of love for both the authors, each for their own personal reasons.  The result is a heartfelt and inspiring story of the rescue of a homeless German Shepherd that local authorities had placed a shoot-to-kill order on because she had taken-up residence near a state highway and often sat under the guard rail of a bridge sunning herself — a potentially dangerous situation for both motorists and the dog.

Dog lovers of all ages will enjoy this memoir as it tells the rescue story in detail.  At just $6.95 it can be purchased on Amazon.com.