Google+ is THE social media you want to embrace

Google+ is huge for social media and the search engine marketing world. With the 1.116 billion accounts and 540 million monthly active users, the social network is in line to surpass Facebook and become the most widely used google-plus-logo-tiltsocial network in the world.

With a clean interface, Google+ features include Hangout and Communities. And, since it is a Google product, the search integration is superior. Google Plus is the place to be if you want your business to be ahead of the marketing arena.

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Join me on LinkedIn

This week I am working on expanding my presence on as I believe it to be one of the top internet social networking tools.

As a member of LinkedIn, I have found a number of public and private groups to join (and LinkedIn allows you to join up to fifty!). Having said that, let me also say that being active in 3-5 groups at a time will keep you very busy.  I tend to be very active in one or two groups at a time. The others I am monitoring to see if I feel I’d have something valuable to add to the community.  Groups let you:

* Reach individuals with similar interests
*Answer questions from experts in a specific field
*Network with others

For me, LinkedIn is all about business.  I share my current projects and accomplishments, I keep my resume up-to-date in my profile, and when I have the extra time, I search for and add business connections I enjoyed in the past, but would like to reconnect with now.  Best of all, LinkedIn is an online community that supports and encourages new businesses, new authors, new artists — new entrepreneurs of all types and all ages.

Stop by and visit me on LinkedIn any time!

IBM study predicts high social media growth

Over the next three to five years, the use of social media is reported to grow 256%, according to an IBM CEO survey, Leading Through Connections, Global Chief Executive Office Study.

CEOs contacted in the study predict that social media growth is expected to rise 256% in three to five years, while traditional media is expected to decline by 61%.

The decline of traditional media can be seen all across America as we witness the shrinking pages of local newspapers and the disappearance of print media.  New social media venues arrive on the Internet almost daily with Facebook and Twitter leading in popularity.

If you own a B&B website, it should include a strong blog

In today’s social internet world, it is more important than ever for the bed and breakfast establishments with a website to also have a strong blog connected.  The reason is simple, the internet continues to change as the devices and the people using them continue to evolve.

The innkeeper that is sharing information that fills a need for their  guests is the innkeeper that is also putting the heads in the beds. For the bed and breakfast owner, the number one thing guests expect from the website owner is finding local information. This means the innkeeper needs to constantly be sharing about the things happening on the property as well as in the immediate area, letting people know why they should come visit, and keeping them informed about what they can be doing when they stay at the B&B.

Potential guests want to know what activities can be enjoyed in the local area.

Adding TripAdvisor Traveler Reviews to Your Facebook Business Page

Innkeepers have their hands full pampering and taking care of their guests’ needs — especially during the peak months when tourism in their area of the country is at it’s highest point.  So, taking the time to learn how to use any type of new technology is usually out of the question.

TripAdvisor to the rescue.  The Tech staff at TripAdvisor has put together an easy to follow guide so even the busiest innkeeper can have their guest reviews automatically flow from the TripAdvisor website on to their business page on Facebook.

Just print out the document first.  Then, slowly follow the step-by-step instructions, knowing that it may be necessary to re-read a few sentences or look-up a couple of words that are new to you.  (Wikipedia is recommended for the task.)

Here is the link to the instructions: