Compelling photography is necessary when a professional web design team becomes involved in the creative process.

Most professionally designed websites need photographs that have been taken specifically to complement the written copy on the page as well as the overall design elements. Especially in today’s world where all professionally designed site must be created to render correctly on a variety of different devices — from desktop computers to hundreds of different tablets and cell phones.

At Amelia Painter Press, we always consider the user’s location and the environment when designing web sites for our clients. You can’t expect users to always be sitting at their desk, having infinite time to engage and explore a site. We live in a mobile society and most users are likely to be running out the door or sitting in their car, so each website we design has to help the end user accomplish what they’re trying to do, very quickly and efficiently.

When ready to have our firm develop, design and launch a new website, know that your new site will feature relevant, engaging photography in the mix. Matt Fitt, the owner of Matt Fitt Photography, is our firm’s exclusive photographic specialist.

All proposals for web design include custom photography by Matt Fitt. (Click here to view a recent article about Fitt’s nature photography. 

Photographer Matt Fitt is checking his view finder to reveal images he has just taken at the Back Bay location near Newport Beach, CA.

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