Queen Anne Bed & Breakfast joins state association

The Iowa Bed & Breakfast Innkeepers Association has welcomed the Queen Anne Bed and Breakfast, located in Nevada, Iowa, into  membership.

The Iowa Bed and Breakfast Innkeepers Association has been affiliated with the Professional Association of Innkeepers International for over 26 years and has served the tourists and lodging industry in the State of Iowa well for over 27 years.

The Queen Anne Bed & Breakfast offers four spacious rooms, each with their own theme.  The gracious Queen Anne Victorian home is listed on the National Historic Register.  As with all the Iowa B&Bs, the Queen Anne serves a full breakfast to guests and it is always included in the price.

The king room bed.  Very large and comfortable with a private bath.

The King Room. A very large and comfortable bedroom with a private bath and sitting area.

 Queen Anne Bed and Breakfast
1110 9th Street, Nevada, IA. 50201
Phone: 515-382-3022  Fax: 515-382-3022  www.QueenAnneBedandBreakfast.com

Why Stay at a Bed and Breakfast?

A wonderful destination, but a horrible lodging experience does not make your holiday memorable in a good way. Bitter experiences with your lodging stay tend to kill the adventurous feeling in you and you may not even think of revisiting the destination in the future. It is therefore in your best interest that you research well and make your lodging arrangements perfect. It is a known fact that a good night’s sleep escalates the enthusiasm for the next day!

Staying in a large hotel or franchised motel has become very common in the USA. There is no longer any excitement attached to it. If you want to feel the warmth of good hospitality and a homely feeling, you should aim at seeking out bed and breakfast types of accommodation. Bed and Breakfast, or B&B as is commonly referred to, is a concept that originated in the UK and then around 22-25 years or so ago arrived in the USA.   Iowa’s first bed and breakfast establishments were opened approximately 23 years ago, the Hannah Marie Country Inn (www.hannahmarieinn.com) is one of these pioneer inns. True to the word, it literally means your bed and breakfast with no other meal included in the rate.

Iowa is known for its historical culture and heritage as well as its homes decorated in beautiful antiques that have been passed down from generation to generation. The Bed and Breakfast concept has been promoted heavily by the Iowa Bed and Breakfast Innkeepers Association and the trend is getting so popular that many large hotels and franchised motels are jumping on the bandwagon and advertising “bed and breakfast package deals.”

But, when you travel in Iowa, make sure you book your accommodation at a true B&B inn. Contrary to the large hotel stay, B&B inns are enjoyable as you get to mingle with the host family and you won’t find any hotel clerk as eager to accommodate your desires as a B&B innkeeper — from making arrangements for your children to go horseback riding, to preparing your breakfast to fit your doctor’s prescribed diet. Plus, you get a peek into their culture and traditions, and at times get a feel of the daily lifestyle.

In a large hotel set up, you are confined to one single room. Yes, you can move around the lobby, no doubt, but that is very different from being in the same house. At a B&B, you have the liberty to explore the entire house, its architecture, the tastefully decorated interiors, and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere prevalent in the house. And, in Iowa, innkeepers display a unique combination of culture and tradition and its richness reflects in the ambiance of the house. Iowa even has a number of small historic hotels that have been converted into exceptional bed and breakfast establishments, an excellent one is located in Lowden, Iowa, it is the Historic Lincoln Hotel (www.lincolnhoteliowa.com). Now this is the type of hotel that can really show you the meaning of hospitality!

As mentioned above, the concept of B&B is to provide bed accommodation and only one meal, that is, breakfast. However, in most cases, if you need additional meals, and the innkeepers are informed in advance, arrangements for additional meals can usually be made for a reasonable fee!

If you have any qualms about going in for a B&B accommodation, set them aside as B&B accommodations are usually affixed with modern amenities and air-conditioned rooms, private attached bathrooms, often with spa or whirlpool tubs, and high quality beds in the bedroom. And most of all, where else will you get to enjoy home-cooked food, while on a travel spree?

Hygienically prepared and customized to suit your taste buds, the food served at B&B establishments is a treat to enjoy! You can even watch the food being prepared at some inns — something which is impossible at a large hotel or motel.

When you get right down to it, there is really no reason to stay in a large hotel or cookie-cutter motel when all across the USA you can friend unique and comfortable bed and breakfast accommodations!

If you are planning to travel in Iowa soon, visit www.iabedandbreakfast.com where you will find hundreds of photos and descriptions of a variety of unique Iowa B&B inns.

Visiting the Iowa Great Lakes?

Okoboji, IA — Longtime Northwest Iowa residents Ann and Donna Muilenburg have opened “The Okoboji Country Inn” just a hop-skip-and-a-jump from their gift shop, The Wash House, in West Okoboji. The Inn is accepting summer and fall reservations.

The restored charming inn is located in the heart of the Iowa Great Lakes. Walking distance to West Lake Okoboji, dining, gift and antique shops, hiking and bike trails, birdwatching and fishing. Golfers will love the close location to the Emerald Hills Golf Club across the street.

The Sioux City Journal newspaper’s Home section recently ran this story about the inn:

‘Boji B&B – A welcome stay at Century-old farmhouse

If you desire luxury in your accommodations, this is the place to stay! Visit them online at www.okobojicountryinn.com.

Luxury loding in the Iowa Great Lakes area and Okoboji