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Photographing nature from a train

Costa Mesa photographer, Matt Fitt, captured a number of breathtaking photos while riding on the Mackerel Flats & Goat Hill Junction Railroad at Fairview Park in Costa Mesa.

Lupine in bloom at Fairview Park, Costa Mesa, California

Engineer Hank Castignetti hosted and guided the group, providing Fitt and fellow photographers with unparalleled access to the site. The entire group was in agreement when one passenger said, “what better way to view the park in bloom, than by train.”

Thanks to a particularly wet winter, the early days of spring have yielded blankets of color across the fields of Fairview Park.

For a brief period, vivid fields of yellow mustard are now so high they almost seem as if they will soon grow as tall as some of the trees in the park. There’s a lot to explore in the park and for our train riding photographers — Matt Fitt, Terri Fuqua, Amelia Painter, and Diane Castignetti — the excursion left a strong sense of respect and appreciation for nature as they stood in isolated fields filled with spring blooms.

On the third of weekend of every month, from 10 am to 3:30 pm, Castignetti and his fellow Orange County Model Engineers give rides to the public. The trains are made up of 4-6 bench cars that seat 5 to 6 adults and children per car. Rides are free; however, donations are welcome and help keep the trains running.

Don’t be surprised if you come upon photographer Matt Fitt around the park, whether assisting amateur photographers, taking striking images of visitors, or capturing the fleeting beauty of a wildflower. He is and has been, a frequent visitor to Fairview Park since childhood.

Born and raised in Costa Mesa, Fitt has come to love all the beauty and the natural environments the city has to offer. He is a much sought after photographer with a busy shooting schedule, but still makes time for a morning or late-afternoon jaunt to Fairview Park for some much-needed nature relief.

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Photographer Matt Fitt taking photographs of Fairview Park from train

Photo advice: A selection of lenses will help you capture a variety of perspectives on the flowers and grasses growing wild in the park. Bolting mustard flowers are one of the most common species of wildflower here, but you’ll also find blue lupines, Arroyo Lupines, Anise, wild daisies, Western Verbena, Bush Sunflowers, Short-pod mustard, flowering wild radish, and golden Yarrow.


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Photographer Matt Fitt is checking his view finder to reveal images he has just taken at the Back Bay location near Newport Beach, CA.